Month 11, April 2014

P1080333 - Copie

10 months, 25,4lbs

April started a little rough for my baby. With him being more confident with pulling himself up, he sadly had his first face plant. He was holding on to the computer chair and the chair rolled. He put his hands on the floor, without bending his knees, and I didn’t make a case about it because he had done that before and had just sat back down. But this time, he leaned forward a bit too much and landed on his face. Poor baby.

He was getting really good at walking while holding our hands so we started practicing some walking while holding only one hand. Slowly going for the walking on his own. At first, he was shaking and scared to take steps, but he quickly understood how to keep his balance.

I started giving him pieces of banana so he could practice eating on his own, but he would just squish the pieces in his hands instead of putting them in his mouth. But one afternoon, he actually put one piece in his mouth! It never happened again during that month, but damn was I a proud momma at that moment. So proud that I actually was teary eyed haha.

I decided it was about time we introduced him to shapes. I showed him the circle block, then the circle hole, and showed him how the block fit in the hole. He quickly grasped that concept, so much that he thought the triangle block and the square block would fit as well. I tried showing him that the square block goes in the square hole and the triangle block goes in the triangle hole, but he can’t get them in there. Since they need to be a certain way to get in the hole, unlike the circle, he just thinks they don’t go in there and goes back to trying to get them in the circle hole.

We didn’t do much for Easter. I took pictures of him with bunny ears on, which are super cute! We went to my mom’s for lunch and spent the afternoon with her. Then we went back to my sister’s place to meet up with my dad for supper.

The biggest achievement of the month happened at the end of it. He took his first steps! They were wobbly and short, but they were all on his own, so it counts! If he stayed calm he could walk perfectly on his own, but as soon as he got too excited he would lose his concentration and fall face first. Lucky for him, mommy and daddy caught him before he hurt himself. No broken noses yet!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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