Table no. 21

table no.21


January 04 2013


I decided to watch this movie because the story seemed good. I was a bit uncertain since it’s a Hindi film, but I gave it a try. I wasn’t extremely disappointed. The only thing that disappointed me is the fact that it’s not in English. Maybe there’s an English version out there and I just had the misfortune to get my hands on one that’s not English.

From what I could understand, this couple went to Fiji on vacation and were invited to participate in an online game show where they could win 10 000$ (or something like that). The basic rule of the show is you cannot lie. So they attach a lie detector on the guy and the girl and start asking basic questions. Then they give them a task (that I only understood because they did it haha). Kiss in the middle of the road. They did it and laughed about it, just having fun. When they came back to the restaurant where the game master was, the guy started saying it wasn’t a game show, it was a show that jokes people. The game master decided to show them the money, in bills, to persuade them it was actually a game show. That’s when things started heating up.

The game master told them the real rule. If you lie, you die. Not quite sure if they should keep going, the guy needs some persuasion from the girl. After deciding to keep going, they go through a series of dangerous challenges and try to leave. While on the boat, their lie detectors start beeping and they start panicking. That’s when the game master tells them, through the radio, that, since they signed a contract that says they’re supposed to finish the show, if they don’t finish, it means they lied so they must die. At least I suppose that’s what he told them because they tell the guy driving the boat to quickly turn around.

I think I would have really enjoyed this movie, if only I could’ve understood more of what they were saying. I got the big picture because of the images, but other than that, I’m not able to go in details. All I can do is suppose what the end meant and move on. I recommend this movie, but only if you can find a version that’s fully in English (if it even exists).


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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