Month 10, March 2014



9 months, 24lbs

During March, my baby decided he was going to crawl. One day he just decided to stop creeping on the floor and full on crawl. At first he was a bit hesitant, of course, but he quickly got the hang of it and started crawling quite fast.

Remember last month when I said he could pull himself up? Well he’s been doing a lot of that this month, and mostly in his bed. We were thinking of putting his bed on the lowest height soon, but weren’t in much of a hurry since he wasn’t trying to get up in his bed. But one afternoon, Xavier just decided he was tired of sitting in his bed. He wanted to get up. And he did. So, after his nap, I put him down in his playpen and lowered his mattress by myself. There was no way I was putting him back in there when there were chances he could fall out (the mattress was in the middle height).

My SO showed the video of the song Let It Go from Frozen to Xavier one evening, and Xavier simply loved it. We hadn’t seen the movie yet, but seeing how Xavier was fixated just by watching that part, I thought it would be a nice addition to our movie collection. At first, he would just stop moving and not make one sound while the video played. He would just stare at the screen in awe. Then he slowly started smiling at certain parts. For some reason, his favorite part seemed to be when she changes her dress. And soon, when the video would end, he would make his little “uh” noise to let us know he wanted to watch it again. It was a very great way of making him stop crying. I love when we find videos that have that effect on him. It’s so usefull.

Little improvement this month: he started being able to make 2-3 steps while holding onto his dog, without us holding him. He can also walk perfectly while holding our hands, and he loves it. The second we put him on the ground, he demands either to walk with his dog, or to hold our hands and walk around the living room. It was very cute at first, but it soon got annoying. Oh well! That’s what being a parent is!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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