With Lusitania in rebellion, Starways Congress sends a fleet with the M.D. Device to destroy the planet. Jane decides to cut off all communication between the fleet and Congress, so that the fleet can’t receive the order to blow up Lusitania. Congress then hires many scientists and military man to figure out what happened. When nobody can find a proper solution, the task is given to a young Godspoken from planet Path, Qing-jao.

On Lusitania, Ela and Novinha start panicking when they find out the descolada keeps adapting to their anti-viruses. They fear that one day they won’t be able to make any more versions of the anti-virus to protect the humans from the descolada. Knowing the pequeninos need the descolada to enter the third life and make babies, they simply can’t kill off the virus; so they start trying to find a way to make an altered version of the descolada that’ll keep everything the pequeninos need to reproduce while throwing away everything that makes it dangerous to humans.

On Path, Qing-jao is getting closer to the solution with the help of her secret maid, Wang-mu. Together, they come up with the explanation that a computer program that has been inside the computers since the beginning caused the fleet to disappear. Jane, being threatened by that discovery, tries one last thing in the hopes that it’ll make Qing-jao stop researching this. She shows some research to Han Fei-tzu proving that they’re purification rituals are simply a form of altered OCD. Apparently, Congress wanted to make a super intelligent human kind, but also needed it to be controlled so they wouldn’t overthrow them. Qing-jao, not believing a word of it, still sends off her report, thus sentencing Jane to death.

With her death in the near future, Jane decides to include Han Fei-tzu and Wang-mu in Lusitania’s researches. She tells them they have three problems that need outside opinion. They want to achieve faster-than-light travel to save everyone on Lusitania in time. They need to find a way to keep the descolada from killing the humans while still letting the pequeninos reproduce, so they don’t infect the planet they’ll land on. And lastly, she wants them to take tissue samples from people on Path so that Ela can make a virus that will take away the OCD in them while keeping their intelligence intact.

So far, this book is my favorite of the series. There are so many things going on and we learn so much about Ender and Jane and the pequeninos. Around the end when they were talking about how they could possibly travel faster than light, I had a bit of a hard time following since they were talking scientifically, but I still understood enough to get the concept. It’s quite interesting how Card decided to describe the universe. I am definitely recommending this book.


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Young Mom ❤

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