Month 9, February 2014


8 months

February is one of those months where Xavier just seemed to learn everything at once. He started the month with showing me how he suddenly could stay in a sitting position when I sat him on the floor. He could go on his belly when starting from a sitting position, but couldn’t go from his belly to a sitting position.

He also waved bye bye once or twice. We were certain he finally understood what waving bye bye was, but he still only waves once in a while.

Valentine’s day was nothing very special. We gave our little baby a singing dog. He simply loves it. Always tapping on him so we start it and when we do, he starts laughing and smiling like crazy. It’s the cutest thing ever.

My SO won tickets for a hockey game later in the week. We weren’t sure we would go, but I really wanted to go and I thought it would be a nice experience for Xavier. It started off pretty good; Xavier seemed to be having some kind of fun. At least he wasn’t crying. He seemed intrigued by all those people skating around chasing some moving black dot on the ice. Then our team made a goal. What happens when a team makes a goal? A huge horn sound comes out of the speakers. It was so loud, it surprised my poor baby. It may not have helped that mommy screamed of joy with everyone else around. He started crying so much! He was scared! Good thing it was at the end of the period. We left at that moment. Let’s just say I’ll be waiting until he’s a bit older before we go see another hockey game with him!

At the end of the month, his big boy improvements started happening. He started sitting on his own. By that I mean, go from his belly to sitting on the floor all on his own. No help from mommy or daddy. To my surprise, he also started pulling himself up on furniture. Well not going ON the furniture but, you know, using furniture to pull himself to a standing position. Last, but not least, his walking skills improved greatly. He could walk perfectly while holding our hands, so much that sometimes it felt like he was trying to run!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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