What to Expect When You’re Expecting, movie review

What to expect when you're expecting



My sister introduced me to the book « What to Expect When You’re Expecting » by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel when I told her I was pregnant back in 2012. This book is the best pregnancy book I’ve read so far. It really tells you exactly what to expect. None of that “you’ll have the glow for sure” bull****. I’m not saying that glow doesn’t exist, but let’s just say that for now, I haven’t heard any pregnancy stories that included the glow. So when I heard they were making a movie based on that book, at first I thought “How in the world can they make a movie about a guide book”. When my curiosity finally took over and I managed to take a break from prepping for my baby, I sat down and watched the movie. And I loved it to pieces.

It’s the perfect movie for women, and also men, to watch when expecting. It shows you most of the possibilities in pregnancy AND they even show a couple that’s adopting! They show a woman that has all the worst symptoms of pregnancy; and, when it’s time to give birth, they have to do a C-section because the baby isn’t coming. There’s also the young girl (maybe in her twenties) that gets pregnant on a one night stand with a guy she knew from high school. When she tells him, he takes responsibility and stays present during her pregnancy. Sadly, she miscarries after a few weeks. Then there’s the woman that has all the best symptoms of pregnancy, even though she’s pregnant with twins. The funny part is, when she has to give birth she barely feels the contractions, and when she sneezes one of the babies come out. Another pregnancy we see is a woman with a “The Biggest Loser” kind of TV show that pushes herself to hard and needs to be on bed rest.

Last, but not least, there’s the couple that adopts. With this couple, the movie focuses a bit more on the guy. Since he’s so unsure if he’s ready or not, his wife tells him to hang out with a friend of theirs and his dudes group. The dudes group is a group of guys that hangs out together with their babies. It’s like a fight club, but without fighting. The first rule of the dudes group is do not repeat to anyone what they talk about, and the second rule is not to judge. In this group, the guy that is adopting finds answers to his worries. Also, there’s this athlete guy that is part of the dudes group, but doesn’t have a baby. He’s like their link to the outside world. But near the end of the movie, he finds out a girl from outside the city had a baby from him and is now moving near him, so he needs help from the dudes group to get ready to be a father.

Like I said before, I love this movie. I must have watched it five times and each time I learn something new. For example, when I watched it again to write this review, I paid attention for the first time to the dudes group and learned they had actually made a part for the future dads! Of course this movie is mostly for woman, unless the dad is interested in watching woman being pregnant (which is totally fine, no judging), but I like that they included some information for the dads as well. I definitely recommend every pregnant woman to watch this movie.


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Young Mom ❤

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