Ender’s Game, Movie Review



Ender’s Game is a story I’ve felt a bit protective of, because it’s the first English book I’ve read outside of class. When I heard they were going to finally make a movie about it, I was beyond excited. Although it was a good adaptation, I was a bit disappointed of it. The movie is two hours long, and yet I felt like they left out important things. I would’ve preferred waiting for a second movie and see everything from the book that needed to be seen than have one movie and miss some parts. I feel like the book deserved two movies. But let’s move on. As usual, here are the things different from the book I feel is worth mentioning.

First off, is Anderson’s sex change. In the book, Major Anderson is a man. In the movie, they decided it would be best to make Anderson a woman. It’s a small detail, but I guess they thought it would look better for a woman to be compassionate with the kids they’re training.

When Ender’s group enters the Battle Room for the first time, Ender and Alai find out how the freeze gun works and freeze everyone else. When Dap comes and releases them, all the kids whine that they weren’t ready. Dap answers “Why weren’t you ready? You had your suits just as long as they did. You had just as many minutes flapping around like drunken ducks.” I think they should’ve put this scene in because it shows who’s smarter in the group and you can already get a feeling of who is going to be in Ender’s army. Plus, it’s a funny scene!

Moises Arias, the actor that plays Bonzo, is very good in his role, but sadly not the right size. In the book, Bonzo is older and taller than Ender, which makes him feel entitled to look down on Ender when he gives him his orders to stay out of the way. It felt so wrong seeing Ender look down on Bonzo, when Ender is supposed to be only 7 years old when he enters Salamender Army; which is composed mostly of 10-11 year-olds. With all the technology and knowledge we have today, I have a hard time believing they couldn’t find a way to make Bonzo look taller than Ender.

A big part in the book that shows how Ender is capable of being a leader, is how he started training with Launchies when Bonzo wouldn’t let him train with his army. At first it was just Ender trying out what he had seen Bonzo’s army doing, but the word quickly got out and more and more Launchies, and even people from other armies, started showing up to his training sessions. He wanted to keep it up even when he became commander, but the other commanders didn’t want their crew to train with Ender, so less people started showing up.

This next part is only something I think they should’ve mentioned at least once if they’re planning on making the other books in movies. In the book, Valentine and Peter start writing political articles under the names Demosthenes and Locke. They start being very influential on the Webs and when the Bugger wars is over, Peter reveals himself as Locke and becomes the Hegemon; the first man to rule the entire population. While Valentine keeps her idendity hideen, she finds Ender and fly off with him and other humans to colonize another planet.

Overall, the movie is very good. When you start looking into the details, it gets less and less good. The one feeling I couldn’t shake off is how the movie feels rushed. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I think they should’ve done two movies. They tried to compress about 5 years in a two hours movie, and I’m not quite sure they did a good job. If you didn’t read the books, but watched the movie, I’d like your opinion. Did you feel like the movie was rushed?


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Young Mom ❤

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