Month 7, December 2013



6 months, 21lbs 5oz

At the beginning of December, we introduced Xavier to meat. He did not like the texture at all. He vomited multiple times before we finally thought of a solution. We tried mixing his meat with his vegetables and he finally ate it all without gagging!

At the sixth month appointment with the doctor, we showed him Xavier’s skin that was all dry and full of red bumps. He said it might be eczema so he suggested we use Aveno Baby and Prevex six times a day. He said it should go away within a week, if not to use this other cream he prescribed to us. Luckily, it disappeared within a week. The doctor also did my check up to see how I was doing post-pregnancy. Everything was perfectly fine except for some abdominal pain I was having. You know that pain you get when you do too much sit-ups? Well I was having that pain several times a day for no reason. When I mentioned it to the doctor, he said it might be related to the white line of my abdomen being broken. He suggested I consult a physiotherapist to see if there was something I could do to stop the pain.

We started a sort of swimming class for babies in the end of November and it finished in December. It’s a class where you go in a pool with your baby and they make you move him around in certain ways to get him used to the water, then they make you plunge his head in the water in different ways. For example, you start on the side, then when he’s used to it you can sit him on the side of the pool and plunge him face first in front of you. There are some other ways, but they were more advanced than where we were. Xavier loved being in the water. So much, that I decided we would go back in summer, I didn’t want earlier because it’s so much trouble going there in winter. Needing to put his suit on, suit off, bathing suit on, bathing suit off, suit on, suit off. Too much trouble for this momma, so we’ll be checking to go this summer!


This month, I tried to forget my fear of mascots and Santa Clauses in malls to bring Xavier to see Santa Claus. It ended up being my SO that brought Xavier to Santa and I just stood farther away taking the pictures. I got some good pictures, but I was a bit sad that Santa didn’t wait a bit more. There weren’t so many people waiting after us, maybe two families, but he still seemed in a hurry, so I didn’t quite get the perfect picture I wanted. But hey, even if he wasn’t in a hurry, Xavier would have needed to cooperate as well. Santa gave him a pillow in the shape of an elf’s head. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be haha. But it’s still going to be my SO that brings Xavier to Santa next year while I take the pictures 😛

For Christmas, we went up to my in-laws house. On a beautiful sunny day, I decided to bring Xavier outside for his first time playing in the snow. Of course, he didn’t play in the snow, but he sat there while I was sprinkling snow on him to show him snow. He seemed fascinated by it. I was a little bit disappointed of Xavier’s first Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent watching movies with the brother-in-law and the parents-in-law. Xavier unwrapped his presents while daddy, papy and uncle were still watching the movie. Christmas wasn’t much better. There was a Christmas supper where the sister-in-law attended with her family, but the rest of the evening was spent watching the television and playing cards. I remember how it used to be when I was young. How we would party on Christmas Eve and unwrap the presents at midnight. I want my son’s Christmases to be like that in the future, but I’m not sure they will be. Times have changed. One thing’s for sure, I’ll try to install some traditions of our own.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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