Ender’s Game, book review



Written by Orson Scott Card and first published in January 1985, Ender’s Game is a science-fiction story that won a Hugo and a Nebula award.

In the future, Earth found itself in war with an insect-like alien species, which they named the Buggers. After facing two invasions, the ruling parties of Earth decided to create the International Fleet (IF) to fight the Buggers. The IF then created a Battle School in space where they send the most intelligent children of Earth to get trained in military tactics and space fighting. In addition to their classes, these children are separated in platoons commended by the best of the best. These platoons fight against each other in the Battle Room, a room where there is no gravity, with freezing guns to prepare them for a possible third invasion from the Buggers. Our protagonist, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, is sent off to Battle School at the age of six where Colonel Graff is secretly prepping him to be the commander that will end the invasions.

Ender’s Game is the very first science-fiction book I have ever read. I was definitely not disappointed. Ender’s Game brings you in a future that nobody would ever expect to happen. No religion, a limit of two children per family, unless the IF allows you to have a third, and the possibility of traveling at light speed in space. Filled with technologies they didn’t have back then, it’s fascinating to read what Card thought of. Reading this book today, you’re tempted to not be very impressed by the technology and the thought of children being trained for war, but keep in mind that it was written in 1977; but also started as a small idea in a sixteen years old boy before being fully written and published years later.

One thing is for sure, I recommend this book to absolutely everyone. You won’t be disappointed.


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