Month 6, November 2013


5 months, 20lbs

November wasn’t a very eventful month. A few firsts here and there, but other than that we didn’t get out much. One of the biggest news of the month was Xavier’s two bottom central incisors popping out! One on the 16th and the second one followed closely on the 18th!


Other than that, I was bored one afternoon and decided to try to show Xavier how to give kisses. And it worked! He picked it up almost immediately. I would go “Mommy gives a kiss” *kiss on the cheek* than say “Xavier gives a kiss to mommy?” and he would give me a kiss on the cheek! Baby kisses are the best kisses in the world hihi.

Xavier also seemed to want to crawl so I started putting his toys far away from him when putting him on his belly. He slowly learned he could move around by creeping. Once he learned that, there was no stopping him! He started creeping around everywhere and gained speed really fast. It didn’t take him long to notice daddy’s Xbox and mommy’s vhs and Wii on the bottom row of the tv cabinet. The only way to stop him from going there was to not say “no”. Whenever we would say “no” he would just smile and keep playing with the Xbox or vhs or Wii while looking at us; but when we wouldn’t say anything, he would get bored quickly and creep to one of his toys.

One of the major things that happened in November was introducing him to fruits. We read that you had to wait about two weeks after introducing vegetables before giving fruits; something about him getting used to a sour taste before giving him a sweet taste. At first he would make these intense faces and it was a bit hard to give him his fruits. I thought to myself “don’t tell me I have one of the rare babies that don’t like fruits!” but no. It was just a phase. He eventually got used to the taste of fruits and started fussing when we gave him vegetables.

One of his favorite things to do this month was to play peekaboo before going to bed. I would put him down for his nap, tuck him in with his blankets. He would pull his blankets on top of his head then put his arms down quickly so the blanket got off his face and smile. When I would say “peekaboo!” when he put the blanket down, he would laugh and do it again. So cute!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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