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Frozen is the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa has magical powers that give her the ability to create snow and ice. While playing with her younger sister, Anna, she accidently zaps her in the head with a ray of ice, freezing her brain. Elsa immediately calls for her parents, the king and queen, and they all leave to see the trolls. After healing Anna and changing her memories so she doesn’t remember Elsa having powers, the troll king tells Elsa she needs to learn to control her powers because they’ll only get stronger and that fear is her enemy. Her parents decide to isolate the two girls until Elsa learns to control her magic. With Elsa being afraid of hurting someone else, she never learns to fully control her magic.

After the death of their parents, Elsa is to be crowned. Sadly, Elsa isn’t able to maintain her powers long enough and accidently shows everyone what she can do. And so, she runs away in the mountains and creates a castle of ice for herself, but not before putting Arendelle in a never ending winter. Anna, being certain her sister would never hurt her, sets off on a mission to find Elsa and bring her back so she can undo what she has done.

Frozen is a wonderful movie. My favorite character is Olaf because he is so hilarious. My favorite part is definitely when he sings about what he would do in summer and when Kristoff says “I’m going to tell him” and Anna answers “Don’t you dare”. Although I loved pretty much every part of it, I do think they could’ve done one thing differently. The one thing I did not like was how they did Elsa. During her song Let it Go, you can see her changing. At first you see her start being more confident in herself, then, after she changes her dress, I was certain I could see her become a villain. I mean, come on! She sings “Let the storm rage on” hinting that she knew she had put Arendelle in an endless winter; and how she walks to the balcony and the face she makes at the end of the song, it just SCREAMS villain. But no, when Anna finds her, she’s the same old scaredy cat Elsa that didn’t know what she had done. I get why she’s scared, she hurt her sister when they were young and she doesn’t want to do it again, but if they wanted to keep that angle they should’ve done the song Let it Go differently. Other than that, the movie was good. It’s a must see.


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