Month 5, October 2013


4 months, 18lbs 15oz

At the beginning of October, Xavier started teething. It wasn’t quite bad. His symptoms were mostly drooling like crazy, pulling his ears, chewing on everything he could get his hands on and sometimes refusing the bottle. For a more in depth story about that experience see here:

We were told there was some kind of new research that showed a bit more good sides to starting solids at four months. With Xavier drinking his full 8oz, when his teeth weren’t hurting him, we decided to give it a try. He absolutely loved his cereals. We started off with 5oz, but we quickly climbed to 15oz twice a day! Since he seemed to be eating well, we decided after two weeks to try starting the vegetables. He got his first taste of carrots and he made one of the funniest faces! For the first two-three spoons he didn’t seem to notice it was something different than cereals, but when he really started tasting the carrots he had the funniest reaction. He still ate it all.

With the leaves turning orange, I decided it was time to visit the in-laws for a little autumn photo shoot in the leaves. At first I wanted to do it at the park, but the scenery wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted orange leaves in the trees and some leaves on the ground, but there were barely any trees left with leaves and no leaves in sight on the ground. I asked my mother-in-law for a picture of her backyard to see if it was the same, but the picture she sent me, it was perfect. We left that day to go to her place and spent about 15-20 minutes taking pictures of Xavier sitting in the leaves and then pictures of us three under a tree. I was in heaven. The perfect pictures! And I learned the next week it was a good thing we didn’t wait to take them because during the week all the leaves fell!

Two little evolutions happened during that month. Xavier fell asleep on his side for the first time! Even though I kept telling myself that if he could move to his side, he could go to his back if need be; I was very scared he would suddenly stop breathing because he was on his side. I kept going in his room to place him on his back, but he would just end up on his side again. I slowly stopped worrying and eventually accepted that he was still safe. He also started wanting to crawl. It wasn’t quite obvious since he was only four months, but I could see him lift his bum when he was on his belly and try to push on his arms to get in a crawling position. Of course, he wasn’t able to because he didn’t have enough strength, but I was very excited of this new development.

At the end of the month, Xavier had his four months vaccines. They went better than his two months ones; maybe because this time I gave him Tylenol before the vaccine instead of after. Then, Halloween happened. Technically, he was 5 months on Halloween, but since it happens in October I’ll talk about it here. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was beyond excited to celebrate my baby’s first Halloween. I had a good plan for the evening, with the perfectly cute costume for Xavier.


Obviously, like every well planned event I plan, everything went wrong. We arrived a bit late at my aunt’s, so I had to hurry up to feed Xavier and get him in his costume. I didn’t get to take a very good picture of him in his costume because I hadn’t notice the lens was foggy. After setting a meeting point with my aunt and her kids, I went to meet up with my SO and the plan was to go meet back with my aunt, but my stupid car wouldn’t start. Then it started raining. Once we finally managed to start my car, it was so late we just went to my grandparent’s place and waited there to say sorry to my aunt for bailing on her. Good thing Xavier won’t be remembering this.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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