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After the destruction of the 75th Hunger Games’ arena, Katniss was fished by Plutarch and brought to district 13, which is now an underground city. With Peeta being held hostage with Johanna and Annie, Katniss falls in a sort of emotional coma. She doesn’t go where her schedule tells her to go, except when it’s lunch time, she doesn’t pay attention when she’s in reunions with the heads of the rebellion. She is slowly pressured by them to get a hold of herself so she can act as the Mockingjay and give hope to the rebelling districts.

After several months, they finally feel ready to do a rescue mission to save the champions kept captive by the Capitol. With Katniss not being in shape, she’s not allowed to go with the rest of the rescuers. When she hears they’re back, she hurries to jump in Peeta’s arms, but finds a surprise instead. To take her mind off of it, she starts seriously training with Johanna to be able to be part of the squad that will go to the Capitol. She gives herself the mission to kill President Snow.

In the Capitol, they find many traps and mutations just like in an arena and decide to bring all the champions able since they’ve dealt with an arena before. Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, a few military men and a camera crew march in the Capitol trying to avoid the traps and fight the mutations. After losing a few of her crew, Katniss manages to get to President Snow’s mansion, but she’s too late. After a bombing, Katniss is back to her emotional coma until she talks to President Snow to get answers.

The last book of the Hunger Games trilogy was, in my opinion, the best and the worst. What makes it the best is how it’s filled with a love story, action sequences, secrets revealed and how wonderfully it’s written. What makes me hate the book at the same time I love it, is how many deaths there are. I probably cried through the ¾ of the book. I cried when characters I had just started to love died, I cried for the wonderful moments of happiness and I mostly cried for the tragic moments (that did involve death). To simply put it, it’s an epic story with everything you could want in a book.


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