Catching Fire, movie review

Catching fire


This week, I’ll address the different things I think they could’ve put in the movie that were in the book. Obviously it’s going to be full of spoilers so be warned!

First, I’ll talk about Peeta’s metal leg. I feel like maybe I shouldn’t have even mentioned it because it’s such a tiny detail, it barely shows. Peeta having a metal leg in the book is the reason why they fall while embracing at the beginning of the Victory Tour when the cameras are outside their houses. Also, in the book, it makes Peeta slower in the arena, if I remember right; which they don’t show in the movie since they didn’t go for that angle. I was sure it was showed in the movie, but watching it again made me see that you actually don’t see anything that would hint to him having a fake leg. Sorry if I confused some of you with that tiny detail.

Now, on to more important matters. In the book, there’s more mention of the rebellion that’s starting and there are so many hints to it that I think they should have included in the movie to make the rebellion more present. At the end of the movie when Gale tells Katniss there’s an uprising, it feels like news to me. There are two major things I think they should have included in the movie concerning the rebellion. The first one is how Plutarch Heavensbee tries to show Katniss he’s on her side by showing her his pocket watch with a hidden mockingjay that only appears when he swipes his fingers across the clock. Just a little note, the mockingjay is now a sign of rebellion for the districts, while it’s only a fashion thing in the Capitol, which is why Katniss didn’t quite understand why his mockingjay was hidden. The second thing I think they should’ve included is when Katniss meets two girls from district 8 that are running away to district 13 while going to a cabin in the woods, where she used to go with her dad after hunting. They noticed that the clip the Capitol shows every year of District 13’s remains is always the same, so they started wondering what was actually there. When they’re factory got blown to pieces and they were presumed dead, they decided to run away to District 13 in the hopes some people of that district survived and made an underground city.

Between the time they learn about the Quarter Quell and the reaping, Katniss, Haymitch and Peeta spend all their free time training for the games. Part of their training is spent watching tapes of the champion’s games to see their strength and weaknesses. I think this part should’ve been added to the movie, not to show every single game, but there’s one of them I feel it would’ve been nice to see parts of it. While on the train taking them to the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta decide to watch Haymitch’s games. We find out so much about Haymitch, it explains why he’s the way he is now and makes me love him even more. It would’ve been a very nice addition to the movie to see Haymitch’s back story.

This next thing was done almost 100% according to the book, and, although it was very good and it might have been hard to do it more true to the book, I think they should’ve tried. When they show off their talents to the Game makers, Katniss sees the painting of Rue on the floor that Peeta painted, which seems to frustrate her and so she makes a manikin of Seneca Crane and hang him. When I saw that scene in the movie the first time I saw it, before reading the books, all I could think was “why in the world would Peeta paint Rue? Was it only to frustrate Katniss? To what point?” When I read the book, everything was explained. First of all, they made a big mistake in the movie, because the rules state that the tributes aren’t supposed to see what the other tributes show the Game makers. So by making Katniss see Peeta’s painting, they broke the rules. In the book, Katniss enters the room and smells cleaning products and notices there’s a mattress in the corner of the room, hinting that Peeta must have painted on the mattress and since they couldn’t clean it in time they just threw it in the corner. Then she notices how the Game makers seem shaken and some mad, and she thinks it’s a bad thing for them to feel that way towards Peeta because they’ll surely kill him off quickly in the Games. Since her goal is to save Peeta, she thinks of a way to take the heat away from Peeta and onto her, thus making the manikin of Seneca Crane. It’s only when she returns to her floor and talks to Peeta that she learns what he did and why. If I remember right, he just wanted to remind the Game makers they didn’t own them.


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3 thoughts on “Catching Fire, movie review

  1. I think the fake leg issue is a really interesting point — not tiny at all! I think they wanted to make Peeta seem less crippled, more attractive, and that goes against the raw realism of the book, which is one of its greatest qualities. If Peeta had been significantly slower and crippled, it would have raised the stakes, meant that he couldn’t go along in the same way, meant that she would have had to think more about him. It would have taken more time in the film, and they were paring it down. Although I love this adaptation, they do make it prettier, a la Hollywood. The leg just isn’t a pretty idea. Do you agree, or was it another reason?

    • Although I hadn’t seen it that way, you are completely right! I just figured since we don’t even see his leg they thought it was pointless to put it in the movie, but the fact that him being crippled would have made him less attractive is very likely that’s the reason they didn’t put it in the movie. Like you said, it’s very a la Hollywood

      • Yeah. It’s related to the ways they choose conventionally beautiful actors for parts in books that were all about being ordinary, beautiful from within. Or how “fat” actors (Jennifer Lawrence has been criticized for being big, believe it or not) are rarely really fat. (There are a few, but they play girlboy fridays usually, not main characters with full lives…) I prefer books all around…

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