Month 4, September 2013


3 months, 15lbs

During the month of September, Xavier started sleeping through the night. It was a very big plus for me, because I could sleep more. With more rest in my body, I finally had the energy and motivation to start working out. I started off slowly with a bit of steps up and down a wii fit (I know, lame haha) and some push ups and sit ups. I wanted to make sure to work every angle I could so I could lose that pouch of a belly fast! At the time, I didn’t know it wasn’t good for my abdomens to do push ups and sit ups.

While I was very happy Xavier was sleeping through the night, it sadly meant less feedings; which equals a lower of milk supply. Xavier started fussing during the feedings and moving around so much it hurt. I looked up reasons why he might be doing this and found that it might be because there wasn’t enough milk. With that in mind, we checked his weight and found out he wasn’t gaining enough! I decided to pump to check how much milk I was actually producing and, sadly, I was only making about half of what he actually needed. So, with me not being able to provide enough milk, we had to start compensating with formula. By the end of the month, my milk supply dried up and Xavier was only on formula.

Xavier also spent a couple of days, or maybe a week or two I’m not sure, sounding like he was losing his voice. His voice would crack in the cutest way! I was worried at first, but he didn’t have any fever or any symptoms that would indicate him being sick. I still mentioned it to the doctor and he said it was just his baby voice maturing. You know, like when a teenage boy’s voice starts cracking and then he suddenly starts sounding like a man instead of a little boy? Well, strangely enough, that’s what Xavier’s voice was doing. Of course he doesn’t sound like a man haha, but his voice did sound a bit different when it stopped cracking.

His achievements for the month include finding his feet and turning from his back to his belly! When he found out he had feet, he didn’t start putting them in his mouth; he just started taking them in his hands and playing with them or staring at them deeply. Once he found out how to turn from his back to his belly, it was impossible to keep him on his back! Immediately after putting him down on his back, he would turn to his belly. Funny enough, even though he had turned from his belly to his back many times before, he suddenly seemed to have forgotten how! So when he turned to his belly on his own, he would start crying a few minutes after because he couldn’t get back on his back! We found it so strange and funny, but he eventually mastered both skills.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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