Catching Fire, book review




With the 74th Hunger Games over and Katniss and Peeta still alive, the year of the 75th Hunger Games can start. Every 25 years they do a special Hunger Games that they call the Quarter Quell to keep fresh the memories of the ones that died in the uprising. After a visit from President Snow, Katniss is on edge during the tours, trying to prove her love for Peeta to keep her family alive. With this painful tour of the districts over, Katniss and Peeta learn that this year’s Quarter Quell’s theme will be the return of the champions to show that even the strongest can’t overcome the power of the Capitol . What does that mean? It means the tributes from the districts will be picked from the previous winners of the Games.

After the announcement of the Quarter Quell, Katniss starts speeking of rebelling. With the information she got from the tours, she knows certain districts are in rebellion themselves, but Haymitch convinces her it’s not a good idea for their district. Since they’re so low on population, it would have to be all or nothing. With rebellion out of reach, Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch start training for the Games while waiting for the reaping, even though it’s against the rules. With Katniss being the only girl champion of district 12, her return in the arena is certain. Wanting to keep Katniss safe in the arena, Peeta volunteers himself as the male tribute when Haymitch’s name is drawn. The star-crossed lovers are once again going in the arena.

The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy was extreme. With the Capitol wanting Katniss dead, I read the whole book on the edge of my seat, waiting for the moment they would strike. Knowing she had the skills to win in the arena, I thought for sure they would kill her off as soon as the Games started. I also loved how Katniss slowly got closer to Peeta. My favorite part is definitely when they start sleeping in the same bed to comfort themselves when they have nightmares about the Games. With even more action in and out of the arena, Catching Fire is definitely a must read.

I give this book Young Mom’s seal of approval!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom<3

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