Month 3, August 2013


2 Months, 14lbs 5oz

August was one busy month for us! With my SO on vacation for the first two weeks, we visited the brother-in-law and sister-in-law again. This time though, Xavier was old enough to try a little dip in a warm pool. Which he did at his aunties! Since I still had a bit of a scare, my SO went with him so Xavier wouldn’t feel my fright and be able to enjoy his experience. Which he did! At first he seemed to be wondering what was going on, but once his body was fully in the water and daddy started walking around, Xavier started having fun. He was splashing the water with his little hands and paddling with his little feet! It was so cute to watch. During that visit, I also took some time to go to the mall and buy my little boy his very first pair of shoes! SIZE 3!! I was sad I hadn’t gotten him some sooner so I could have one of those cute tiny pairs of shoes on display, but I don’t even think his feet were ever that small haha!


With the traveling over, we were able to let him play on the floor more often to practice tummy time. All those hours of letting him play on the ground led to him being able to roll from his belly to his back on his own! He also started discovering he had hands, and could control them! This new discovery made him very happy, because now he could pick up his toys!

During that month, we also had the visit of a professional photographer from Bébé Love who came to take pictures of my baby! It went better than I thought. I was scared Xavier would need to feed in the middle of the session, or that he would be a grumpy baby. Lucky for me, the photographer was obviously used to working with babies, because he started making funny faces and noises that made Xavier laugh so much! He has a huge smile on almost all the pictures; which made me one happy momma with a bunch of beautiful pictures of my little baby!

Sadly, he was also due for his first vaccines. I knew he could cry, but when I saw he was starting to fall asleep while I was answering questions, I hoped he would sleep through it. But to my surprise, they stuck a needle in BOTH his legs at the same time! Let me just say, it was the worst wakeup call Xavier ever had! I had never heard him scream and cry like that before! My heart broke! They told me to go in the back and feed him a little to soothe him. It helped. He was still sniffling while eating though. Before leaving, I gave him some Tylenol and, when we got home, he quickly fell asleep.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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