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It may seem strange for me to write a book review and a movie review on the same title, but since I already gave my opinion on the story, I wanted to give my opinion on what they could’ve kept from the book that they didn’t. It’s mostly small things, but if you don’t want any spoilers because for some strange reason you haven’t seen the movie yet or read the book, than don’t read this post. Here goes!

The first thing I wish they would’ve kept like the book is the uniforms when the tributes are training. In the book, one of the main goals of Katniss’ team is to show a united front. They want to show the Capitol that Katniss and Peeta don’t think of themselves as enemies. Hence the holding hands at the entrance ceremony. Something else they did in the book was to give Katniss and Peeta matching training outfits, while all the other tributes had different outfits. In the movie, all the tributes wear the same thing. It’s just a tiny detail, but I feel like it wouldn’t have costs more to only give district 12 matching outfits, and it would’ve emphasized the united front angle.

Then there’s Rue’s death. Don’t get me wrong, they got that perfectly. The only thing I would’ve liked them to try to do in that scene is explain why Katniss surrounded Rue with flowers. It’s easier in the book to understand, since you’re in Katniss’ thoughts, but it would’ve been a nice touch to find a way to show us why. She surrounded Rue with flowers to show the Capitol that “whatever they do or force us to do there is a part of every tribute they can’t own”.

Another thing I wish they would’ve done like the book, is how the mutts look. You know, the huge gray mutts that appear out of nowhere near the end of the Games? Well in the book, they’re not all gray. Each one has fur of the color of a tribute’s hair, eyes the color of that tribute’s eyes and a collar with the number of their district. For example, the smallest mutt had dark glossy fur, huge brown eyes and a collar with the number 11 on it. That mutt represented Rue. It doesn’t add much to the story, but it would’ve been a very nice touch to the movie.

The last thing is another small detail, but I think if they kept it, it would’ve been a nice explanation for parts of the second movie. In the book, while battling the mutts, Peeta’s leg wound reopens and because of that, when they bring them up the hovercraft they have to operate him. They had to cut off his leg and he ends up with a metal one.  It’s not a very big change since it’s not like we see his legs, but it DID happen and yet again, what would it have cost them to mention he now had a fake leg? I’ll mention what it explains in the second movie when I do a review on it.

Those aren’t the only things different in the movie from the book, but they are the biggest ones that I feel they could’ve done like the book and it wouldn’t have cost them more money. I think, by leaving those parts like the book would’ve given the people that only watch the movie a bigger sense of the story. Don’t get me wrong, although there are some things I wish they would’ve kept it how the book presented it, it was still a very good movie. One of the best adaptations from a book I’ve ever seen.

And of course, it get’s Young Mom’s Seal of Approval!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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