Month 2, July 2013


1 month, 12lbs 13oz

The beginning of July was one hell of a ride. Right after the move, we started traveling everywhere. We spent the first week at my in-laws, and then traveled four hours to their second house where my brother-in-law lives, and spent the second week of July with him and my sister-in-law. After that week, we went straight to my parent’s house for another week. Nothing really happened during those weeks, except the family being able to spend time with their new grandson/nephew, and the parents being too exhausted to do anything.

When the traveling was finally over, we had our first visit with the doctor. Xavier was doing perfectly fine. As for me, I learned a bit of a bad news. Under a month, I managed to rupture the linea alba (white line) of my abdomen. That wonderful line is the bit of tissue that keeps your two halves of your abdomen stuck together. Well, mine isn’t doing its job anymore. Which means there’s nothing holding the two halves of my abdomen together.

At seven weeks old, Xavier was able to lift his head up when we put him on his belly. Not for long though. One time, he turned his head left and right three times before needing to put his head back down! He also sometimes slept 4-5 hours straight during the night. Which I LOVED; even though most of the time he would wake up every 3 hours to feed. I still had trouble breastfeeding and still had doubts I would continue much longer. At that time, we were told we could start Xavier on solids at around 4 months. So I set up a goal of at least breastfeeding him until then.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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