Loot Crate, March 2014

This months theme was Titan, as in Attack on Titan and Titanfall.


First we have an exclusive Titanfall t-shirt, made by Respawn Entertainment & EA. The art on the t-shirt was previously only available to the development team and cannot be found anywhere else!


They also gave us the first manga of the series Attack on Titan, provided by Kodansha USA Publishing & Random House.


They included a Titanfall C101 Lanyard (Respawn Entertainment & Loot Crate Labs), based on the official C101 custom versions of the console and controller; the March collectible pin with the artwork on the cover of the booklet (artwork by Zack, a member of Team Loot Crate) and two yummy St-Patrick’s day candy


And finally we have a Scouting regiment wristband from Attack on Titan (GE Animation), a magnet with the Attack on Titanfall cover art and last, but not least, a Titanfall Premium Strategy eGuide from Prima Games.



Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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