Loot Crate, February 2014

I signed up for this awesome thing called Loot Crate. You pay about 30$ each month and  receive a box with a bunch of gamer/geek stuff in it! It’s like Christmas every month haha. I’ve decided to share with you all what the box contains each month that I’ll subscribe (because I still didn’t put in my head that 30$ was a lot of money lol). So here’s what February had for me!

This month’s theme was Warriors. Each month there’s a booklet that gives details on the products.


This month, there was an Alpha Battle T-Shirt, created by Shirt Woot! and jamescho84


A beautiful Bravest Warriors Bow Tie with Impossibear on it, made by Frederator and Black Tie Geek


A GPS Cinch Bag made by Frederator and Loot Crate Labs


A Dunny Sideshow Box Figure. I think it’s made by Kidrobot. That’s what it says on the box, and inside the booklet they wrote “Manufacturer Here” haha


For Valentine’s Day they gave a Bacon Love Card made by OpenMe


A Bravest Warriors Digital Comic code (by Comixology and kaboom!), a Bravest Warriors Sticker (by Just Toys Int. and Frederator) and finally, this month’s collectible pin with Catbug in a loot crate.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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