Month 1, June 2013


Baby’s first month was a bit hectic on the sleeping and feeding side.

It started off smoothly with him basically sleeping through the day. We had to actually wake him up to feed him; and even then he would fall asleep while eating. The fact that he kept falling asleep while I was breastfeeding him made it that much harder for me to keep going. I didn’t really want to breastfeed to begin with, and on top of that, I was hit with postpartum blues. So I was tired from waking up every 2 hours during the night to feed him every 3 hours (because yes, it took him an hour to eat), I had a bad case of postpartum blues (not too bad because I wasn’t depressed, I just cried a lot) and he would fall asleep on me while eating. I was not a happy momma while breastfeeding. The rest of the time was perfectly fine. He would sleep all the time and the few times he would be awake he’d just make little sounds and smile.

I spent the first week trying to wake up alone to feed the baby and change his diaper so I would be used to it when my SO would get back to work, but soon enough my SO started getting up  to help me and I appreciated it more than I wanted to admit. During the first two weeks, I was way too stressed. So stressed out, that I couldn’t soothe my baby the few times he would cry. I could spend half an hour trying to soothe him and nothing would work. Then I’d give him to my SO and five minutes later he would be asleep. It made me cry so much. I felt like an incompetent mother.

Then came the time where my SO went back to work (after two weeks); and coincidentally, when Baby started being a night owl. I started getting up during the night alone, although a bit less than before, since we visited some mother hang out thing (I forgot the name) to weight our baby and see if we still needed to feed him every 3 hours, turns out we didn’t! So during the night we’d let him sleep as much as he wanted. I’d still have to get up at least twice, if not more (I don’t quite remember) during the night. But this time, he wouldn’t fall right back to sleep. He would fall asleep on me while eating like usual, but as soon as he would be done, he’d be wide awake. And since I couldn’t bring him back in his bed, in our room, because I had to let my SO sleep, I would stay awake in the living room and wish for him to fall asleep. Sometimes it would take him 15 minutes, sometimes half an hour; but most of the time, it took him an hour to fall asleep. Again, I was not a happy momma. But lucky for me, that was my only problem with him. The rest was going perfectly fine.

During that month, we went to the wedding of one of my SO’s cousins. It was a bit of a stressfull ceremony since it came around the time my baby needed to eat. I had prepared a bottle for the occasion (because I was NOT feeling comfortable breastfeeding in public, especially in a church), but we still needed to figure out how long it would take to warm up and hope he wouldn’t scream of hunger during the ceremony. Lucky for us, he fell asleep in his papy’s arms and we got more than enough time to warm up the bottle and give it to him. The reception was lovely and fun. Much to my surprise, Baby slept through almost all of it. There was loud music and talking and screaming, but he just slept. He woke up a few times, on his own, wasn’t cranky much. I think there was only one time where one of my SO’s aunts took him for a ride in his stroller around the room. Sadly, I had to leave early to feed my baby. The next day, we went to a camping site to eat brunch with some of my SO’s family that was at the reception. It was the first time my son spent so much time outside. He took it pretty well. Spent his time in the shadows, in his parc.


Also during that month, we had visits from my mom with my sister, her son and my grandma. Then my in-laws visited us as well. Then my mom came again, but this time with my grandpa and one of my aunts. My SO’s grandma also came to see us a few minutes with one of his cousins. And last, but not least, my dad and my sister came at the end of the month to help us move out of our tiny apartment.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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