Seperation Anxiety

Last week-end was a first for me and my SO. We went on a double date without the baby for the first time since he’s born. There was a whole lot of seperation anxiety going on that day. I’m not talking about the baby’s seperation anxiety. I’m talking about mommy’s seperation anxiety.

Yes, it was quite hard for me to leave my 6 month old baby boy alone with his grandma and his great-grandma (so much that I actually cried haha). Not that I don’t trust them fully. I just have this gut feeling that it’s wrong for me to leave my child in the care of someone else. I know it’s not wrong, but I just can’t shake off that feeling.In my defense, I HAVE been spending 24 hours a day with my baby for the past 6 months.

But let me tell you, it felt reeeally good. I’m actually a bit ashamed at how much I loved being out without my baby. Of course I spent a good amount of time worrying about him, but I still had loads of fun. The feeling of not having to worry about my baby screaming in the restaurant, or having to cut the date short because he has to eat, is priceless.

The plan was to go to the restaurant and then to the movies, but we ended up having a gap of an hour between the two. So during that gap, we left our friends to go and check on our baby. Lets just say mommy needed a big dose of baby love.


After a half hour of cuddling my baby, we met up with our friends at Tim Horton’s, drank a quick cup of Ice Cap for me and coffee for my SO, and went to the movies to watch Hunger Games (I’ll try to do a review of that later this week)! It was nice watching a movie without having to pause every once in a while to tend to the baby. And of course, it was nice just being a couple again. We’ll definitely be doing that again in the near future 🙂


Until next time!

Young Mom♥

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