One of those experiences every parent dreads. We all hear the stories of how somebody’s child was a complete pain in the arse when he was teething. How he wouldn’t eat. How he would scream bloody murder. How he wouldn’t sleep. How he would chew on everything he could get his hands on. The truth is, every child is different.

My baby just popped two teeth out at five and a half months. Yes we had trouble giving him the bottle now and then, yes he would sometimes have a hard time sleeping and yes there was that one evening where he couldn’t stop screaming. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the moment, I was about to go crazy, of course, but now that we’re out of that situation for a while and I can calmly think about it, it wasn’t all that bad.

I’m not saying you should expect it to be easy, oh no! I’m saying the exact opposite. The reason why I feel it wasn’t that bad, is because I heard all the awfull stories from other moms and I was expecting the worse.

Now, another thing I wanted to say, not every child gets their teeth at six months. My baby started teething at the beginning of his four months and both of his bottom front teeth came out this weekend (at five and a half months).

This little guide from what to expect, http://www.whattoexpect.com/first-year/teething/teething-symptoms.aspx , helped me to be certain that my son was actually teething. When we were certain of it, we armed ourselves with baby tylenol, a teething toy and a cold wet towel. We used the baby tylenol only once when was really tired but couldn’t sleep because of the pain, the teething toy was constantly next to him and we’d use a wet towel instead of the pacifier to help him fall asleep (because apparently, sucking on a pacifier did not feel good)

All I have to say is, expect the worse at any time; and be on the look out for these bad boys in your baby’s mouth:


Until next time

Young Mom♥

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