DIY Canvas Photo

Today will simply be a DIY project I made.

This project was inspired by this:



  • Mod Podge
  • Brushes
  • A canvas
  • Wrapping paper

My picture is a 5×7, but I couldn’t find a 5×7 canvas. So I went with a pack of two 8×10.

I didn’t think of taking picture of the in-between work, because I didn’t think I would make a DIY post about it. So I’ll show you the end result, and describe what I did the best I can. You can always refer to the link, it’s pretty much what I did.


1) Since I didn’t have a canvas the size of the picture, I had to alter the use of the wrapping paper. As you can see, instead of just mod podging some on the sides, I also mod podged some in the front to make a kind of frame.

2) I put some mod podge behind the picture and pressed it in the middle.

3) I waited for it to dry, then mod podged the whole thing. I think it’s supposed to be some kind of protective layer.

4) After that dried, I found the wrapping paper to be empty, so I added some letter stickers and spelled the name of my son.

5) I hammered two very small nails in the ribbon and made a bow to hang it on the wall.

Very easy, fast and beautiful project to do 🙂

Until next time!

Young Mom♥

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