My Baby Boy

For my first official post, I would like to introduce my son. Image

Born on the 30th of May 2013, he weighed 9pounds 5ounces and mesured 21inches. He is now 5 months old, weighs about 18pounds 15ounces and mesures about 27inches.

He is a wonderfull, easy boy. Cries almost only when he’s fighting sleepy time. He seems to like to discover new things. When we show him something new he stares at it as if he was trying to figure out its secrets. He also likes when we make sounds or say words slowly while he tries to mimick what our mouth does. He can almost say papa and/or mama. Right now he says baba, but doesn’t seem to connect that sound to someone specifically.

I will be posting lots of little stories about him so get ready!

Until next time,

Young Mom♥

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