Pretty Little Liars: Perfect



Published in August 2007, Perfect is the third book in the Pretty Little Liars series written by Sara Sheppard.

In the third book, Spencer is nominated for a Golden Orchid award for her plagiarized paper. While Spencer struggles with the idea of taking credit for her sister’s paper, Emily’s secret is revealed by A to everyone. With being threatened to either stop being gay or being sent off to Iowa, Emily had no choice but to join the Tree Tops and break up with Maya. On her side, Aria’s secret is also being revealed and she is kicked out of her house by her mom. Sadly for Aria, she has another big secret that can be revealed by A. Lastly; Hanna is still slowly spiralling out of control. The new aspect of her life being ruined? Her friendship with Mona.

This book is almost completely different from the tv series, so I was happily surprised by many parts. Every chapter is following a different girl and Sheppard has a way to either follow them one after the other, or emit one of the girls for a few chapters because the last chapter about her left on a cliff hanger. I’m very eager to read the next book, since this one left on a very big cliff hanger! I recommend this book, obviously!


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The Daycare Struggle


Before having a baby, I didn’t think twice before telling my sister she should put her son in daycare. I told her it would be good for him, and it would give her the chance to work (since she’s a single mom). Now that I have a baby of my own, things aren’t as black and white as they used to be.

Once I gave birth, everyone was asking me when I was going back to work. At first I kept saying probably after a year of maternity leave. But the more the year passed, the more I wasn’t ready to put my baby in daycare. I started thinking that before one year-old it was way too young to put a baby in daycare. A baby needs his mother in his first year of life, I kept telling myself. Now that my baby is a year old, I still feel it’s not the right time. I feel like between one and two years there are too many firsts that you can miss if you put your baby in daycare. Plus, now that he’s used to seeing me 24/7, I’m scared he’ll think I’m abandoning him if I leave him in daycare. Besides, there aren’t any spots available in any daycare; I keep telling myself. I bet if I searched more I would find a spot. But I don’t want to. I’m just not ready to let my baby spend the day with a total stranger.

On this subject, I feel like nobody understands me. My mother didn’t have to make this choice. She was able to be a stay at home mom. My mother-in-law needed to go back to work after 6 months I think, because those were the lengths of the maternity leaves back then and they needed her income; and they lived in a small village so she perfectly knew who was babysitting her kids. My sister spent some time as a stay at home mom, but when her government income wasn’t enough she needed to start working and put her son in daycare. His first daycare was held by our aunt, so it was no stress at all; and when my aunt had to close her daycare, she found a daycare so perfect. If there was one where I live I would immediately enroll my son. I don’t feel like anyone I know had the struggle I’m having, and that’s why it stresses me so much. I feel like they can’t understand the war in my mind about putting my baby in daycare.

Before having a baby, this question wasn’t even something I thought about. I just figured I’d either be a stay at home mom like my mother was; like I wanted to be. Or end up putting my son in daycare around the age of three so he could start socializing. Now that I have a baby, it’s so much more a struggle to take that first step and enroll my son in a daycare.


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The YMS Planner

Recently, I decided I needed to organize my YMS futur blog posts and plan them somewhere I could see it all in one place. I started looking in pinterest for some ideas and I stumbled upon this:

I couldn’t quite do a book like hers, because I’m not that good, but I still used her printables because I thought they were so pretty and well organized. Here’s what I did.



  • Folder with a clip thingie haha
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Letter stickers

Step One


Mod Podge the folder inside and outside with your choice of Scrapbook paper

Step Two


My folder said it had pockets but it didn’t. So I had to make some of my own.

Step Three / Final Result Outside


I thought it would be cute to write the name of my blog on the folder with stickers. You don’t have to do that of course haha

Step Four / Final Result Inside


Place your papers where you want them to be. On the left I have my to do list for the month and stuff I need to read, watch or do. On the right is my calendar for the month where I plan my posts.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

Hansel & GretelJanuary 25th, 2013


The movie starts off by showing us the classic tale everyone knows. They show Hansel and Gretel being left in the woods by their dad, then finding a house made of candy, to finally be trapped by a witch and ending up killing her. The movie adds the little fact that somehow they’re immune to magic.

After a montage of their exploits over the years mixed with the names of the people that worked on the movie, we learn they got called in to a village where children have gone missing, supposedly because of witches. They arrive just in time to prove a young woman is not a witch. To prove that she’s not a witch, they check her skin, eyes and teeth. They say when a witch is dealing in magic a rot will set in those places.

While the hunters are spending the night in a bar, we learn that the witches are trying to make a spell that’ll make them permanently immune to fire. Which is a bad thing since the only sure way to kill a witch is to burn her. During the day, they install a trap for the witches and manage to capture one for interrogation. That’s when they learn what the witches need for their spell. Trying to save a child, Hansel holds on to a witch’s broom; while Gretel fights off the Great Witch, she learns that she is the last ingredient (and we learn that Great Witches can alter their appearances). When they get stranded in the woods, they find their childhood home and find out secrets about their parents, and learn that there are good witches that are called white witches.

I really like this movie, but when you start analyzing it, you see some fails. For example, because the witch forced him to eat candy when he was young, Hansel is now sick (diabetes I suppose) and has to inject medicine in his leg after some time or else he dies. The first time we see him inject himself is while discussing the missing children with the mayor. You see in the mayor’s face he’s wondering why Hansel is doing that, but no one mentions it. On the second day, we see him injecting himself again and that’s when he explains why he has to do that. Then a whole day passes without us seeing him inject his medicine in his leg. The last time we see him do it, is while they’re battling the Great Witch at the end, on their fourth day there. Obviously it was added just to put some suspense in the battle, but if they wanted to go for that angle, they should’ve showed us every time he injected himself; because now it just feels like they wanted us to know he needed that, just so they could put that suspense later and they didn’t do a follow up.

I also hate how Gretel, a strong female that has been fighting her ass off during the whole movie, is suddenly a damsel in distress near the end of the movie. She had to be tough during the movie because she’s a witch hunter, but of course as soon as she knows they need her for their spell, she turns into this helpless girl that needs saving from her brother.

My favorite part is at the beginning when they’re in the bar and there’s a guy that comes and says they’ve been attacked by a witch and he has a message from her, and then he blows up. Hansel knew it was coming so he pulled Benjamin in front of him, but Gretel didn’t move so she got a lot of blood on her. After he blew up she says “The curse of hunger for crawling things. I fucking hate that one.” And Benjamin answers “That was awesome!”


Until Next Time!

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Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees


I was raised with my mother being a stay at home mom, and I’ve always imagined being able to do the same thing. Sadly, you can’t do that nowadays if you want a house; at least not where I live. At first, I was planning on only working weekends until my baby was three years old. Then my SO started saying that three years old was a bit of a stretch if we wanted a house, so I told him I would start putting Baby in daycare slowly starting at two and a half years old so that I could work full time by the time he was three. Then reality hit me and I realised we didn’t have the finances to do that, especially if we wanted a house before the next baby; which we’re trying to plan to have when Baby is two. So now I have to start thinking about putting my son in daycare so I can work full time before getting pregnant again.

Since I had some money put aside, I was able to take my time and figure out when I actually needed to start working again. In the year we started talking about having a baby, I managed to put aside enough money to last at least a year if need be. I kept putting a bit aside while I was on maternity leave to make sure I had enough since now I knew how much a baby actually cost. Sadly, because of the stupid government, I crashed in a wall of payments due (because they decided they spent half a year giving me too much) and it drained my savings. I started stressing about money and trying to find a weekend job, and I almost fell in depression because of it.

I felt pressured from every sides of my family. I kept imagining they thought I was lazy and only not getting a job because I didn’t want to work. I also felt pressured by my SO because I knew he wanted a house before a baby, and I felt like I pushed him to have a baby sooner then he planned because I wanted us to be able to have the possibility of having three kids before our 30s; and now the house was out of the question since I didn’t have any money coming in. It was a very horrible month before I finally found a job. A job that only took away half of the stress.

Now I have a paycheck of 9 hours a week. The stress of not having money coming in is gone, but the stress of having enough money to buy a house is still there. I’m not sure my paycheck is enough for us to have a comfortable life with a house. I know I probably should get a full time job, but I’m not ready yet. I would love to get a full time job, don’t get me wrong. There are so many offers that I would love to apply to, but I just don’t feel ready to put my baby in daycare. But that’s another story.

What I’m trying to say is: it’s a shame both parents need to work full time jobs for them to have a house and a family. Of course, there’s always the option of the dad or the mom getting at least two jobs while the other stays at home, but then the parent that works will never see his kids. It’s a sad world where you have to pay someone else to take care of your child so you can have a paycheck to pay for a roof on your head.


Until Next Time!

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DIY Gift Basket

A couple weeks ago, it was my mother’s birthday and she’s been having a lot of stress lately in her life, so I decided to make her a basket with stress relief stuff.

I got the idea of the relaxation kit and what to put in here:

To know what kind of scented stuff I should get, I checked this link:



  • A basket
  • Green foam to plant flowers
  • Empty travel size bottles
  • Scented oil
  • Scented oil burner
  • Foam bath (and other products you want to fill the empty bottles with)
  • Spa socks
  • Unscented tealight candles
  • Wrapping paper

Step One:


I filled the bottles with the products I thought would be the most usefull. There’s body cream, body scrub, foam bath, bath salts and body butter.

Step Two:


Since I couldn’t get scented tealight candles because they’re for the oil burner, I decided I needed to decorate them. I got that idea from here: but instead of using tape, I used some ribbon.

Step Three/End Result:


I didn’t take a picture of it, but I used some of the wrapper paper to cover the plant foam thing so it wouldn’t get the inside of the basket dirty. Place the plant foam in the bottom of the basket (if the basket is too tall for your stuff) and put your things on it the way you want it to look. I put the tealights in a little bag so they would stay together, and I thought it was pretty. The scented oil I chose for my mother is lavender oil, because according to the website it’s for relaxation; which was exactly what I was looking for.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Pretty Little Liars: Flawless



Published in March 2007, Flawless is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series, written by Sara Sheppard. It follows the four girls, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna, as they keep receiving threatening texts for A.

While Spencer is being shunned out of her family for stealing her sister’s boyfriend, she starts spiralling out of control and starts only caring about Wren. Emily, on the other hand, tries to get back to her simple life, but starts wondering if she actually likes boys. Aria is tortured by needing to keep her father’s adultery a secret to keep her family whole. With Hanna acting out, her dad comes back in town to try to reconnect with her to help her stay on tract.

With Toby back in town, the girls start remembering bits of their past encounters with him and they start piecing some facts together, learning more about Toby’s backstory.

The second book in the series was quite interesting to read. There were some bits that were the same as the tv series so I already knew about them, but I noticed this is where the tv series started drifting away from the books. For now, I prefer the books, even though I’ll still be watching the tv series, because the outcomes make more sense.


Until Next Time!

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Once Upon a Time, TV show



I know this should technically be published on Wednesday, but it’s not really a review of the show. It’s my opinion on where the show is going.

Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite shows. I’m in love with fairy tales and the fact that they decided to write what happens after the happily ever after is awesome. I also love how they’re giving the characters a back story. So far, we’ve seen only classics. Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Ariel, Belle, etc. Season 3 left us with a sort of cliff hanger/introduction of a new character. They decided to put Frozen characters in Once Upon a Time. Well, at least Elsa. The season ends with Elsa coming out of an urn.

I’m not sure yet if I’m in love with the idea. So far, it’s been only classic tales. Nothing new; but all of a sudden they decide to put Elsa in. If they wanted to include more recent characters, I think they should’ve at least gone in order of the time they went out. Now I think it’s more like a publicity stunt. Or just a way of trying to make the show more popular, after seeing how popular Frozen was.

What makes me struggle to know if I like the idea or not, is what Rumpelstiltskin said. The urn Elsa was in comes from a place Rumpel made to seal away the things that frighten him. Since in the movie Frozen Elsa isn’t a villain (as much as I would love her to be), I’m wondering why Rumpel would be scared of her. So I did some research on the tale Frozen was “based” on and found out that Elsa is actually an evil Ice Queen.

I am hoping with all my heart that they’ll go for the angle of the evil Ice Queen instead of the Elsa from the movie Frozen. She looks like Elsa, but hopefully she’ll act like the evil Ice Queen.


Until Next Time!

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Loot Crate, July 2014

With a theme named VILLAINS, I couldn’t resist getting this Loot Crate; and I wasn’t disappointed.

First off we received an awesome Joki T-shirt, made by Zack Finfrock


Then there’s these two awesome posters of Harley Quinn and the Joker, made by DC Comics & Trends International


An exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic, made by Marvel & Diamond Comics, to celebrate the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.


We also got some awesome Deadpool Socks, made by Marvel Comics & HYP; a Necessary Evil DVD, made by DC Comics & Warner Brothers, that I still need to watch. It’s supposed to be a documentary exploring the villains of the DC Universe.


Last, but not least, there was also a Darth Vader key chain, made by Lucas Films & Plasticolor, ’cause you know, it’s not a villain box without Darth Vader ;) ; a super Bowser Magnet, made by Loot Crate Labs; and, of course, the monthly collectible pin.


This month was a bit special because Villains took over the box, and left us quite the awesome message!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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A Haunted House; Movie Review

a haunted house

 January 11th, 2013


This movie is basicly the same as the Scary Movie franchise, except it only makes fun of one horror movie. As you can probably guess from the title, or maybe not since there are like a million movies about haunted houses (because that’s so original), A Haunted House is a parody of Paranormal Activity.

The movie starts with Malcolm (Marlon Wayans), one of the main characters, talking about how he bought this new camera so he can film all the good moments with his girlfriend, Kisha (Essence Atkins), who’s moving in that day. It was filmed the same way as Paranormal Activity with our view being either the camera that Malcolm or Kisha was holding, or the security cameras installed in the house after the first night, because they thought there was a thief in the house that moved Kisha’s keys during the night. After several paranormal activities, Kisha calls a psychic to come check out if their house is haunted, which makes her admit these kinds of things used to happen when she was younger. She also admits to making a deal with the devil for a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes.

I was excited to watch this movie since I really like the Scary Movie franchise, but I have to admit that I was disappointed. It was funny at times, but it mostly went too far. Either the jokes were stretched too much, or they just seemed like they were trying too hard. It was probably the point, but there is a way of making a parody without making it seem like you’re trying too hard to make it funny. For example, Malcolm and Kisha invites some friends over (another couple) to hang out in the pool. At one point the guys talk about how Malcolm isn’t getting any action from Kisha since she moved in and his friend starts talking to about how sometimes it only takes someone else riding your car for your car to start working right again. When Malcolm is shocked at the idea that he could be suggesting to switch girlfriends, his friend starts saying “No, of course not! What kind of person do you think I am? But, you know, if you’re into that, I mean, I can make it happen for you” and then he keeps on saying “you’re sure you would never ever do that?” for like five minutes. The joke was funny, but they over used it. I don’t really recommend this movie. It’s not quite worth the time.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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