My New Job

I’ve recently started working again. At a new job, because my old one wasn’t good anymore. Long story short, I used to work as a receptionist at a hotel and I worked the night shift. Obviously I couldn’t go back to that shift with a baby to take care of during the day, so I asked my boss if she could give me the morning or evening shift on the week-ends. She said no. So after my maternity leave I ended up without a job.

Since I have this huge dilemma with putting my baby in daycare (see here: ) I started looking for week-end jobs. There aren’t many sadly. After three interviews I finally got a job. I’m cleaning tables at the mall’s food court. It pays well and I only work 9 hours a week. It’s just enough to pay for my expenses (as in car insurance, gaz and groceries). Obviously I’ll hopefully not be staying there very long. But in the meantime, I have to bear with the other workers.

I thought it would be quite easy to do. They all told me they were a great team and that I would love it there. The first week was fine. The second week started being weird. I started noticing people talking behind other’s backs and some that tried to be superior than they were. For example, this woman (let’s call her Cindy) kept telling me how I was doing everything wrong when it’s not her place to tell me those things (if they’re even true). Then last week happened.

Friday night, another co-worker (let’s say Julie) came asking if she was working this week-end. The lady that was taking care of putting up the schedule (We’ll call that one Betty) while our boss was on vacation told her she didn’t know. Then she started telling me how our boss wants to give hours to the best ones, which meant me. After that one of the maintenance guys (George) asked me what was going on with Julie. I told him I didn’t know what was going on. He said he was wondering because the hours I was doing used to be the hours she was doing. I started worrying that I was taking somebody else’s place instead of replacing someone that left like I was told.

On Saturday, I checked the new schedule and saw that Julie wasn’t on the schedule at all. Her name wasn’t there anymore! I asked Betty if she knew anything about it and she just repeated what she had told me the night before. I told her what George told me and how I was worried I was taking somebody else’s hours. She got so mad! She said he didn’t have the right to tell me that, that it wasn’t true, that our boss had the right to give the hours to whomever she wanted. Then the maintenance guy that was taking our boss’ place (Rob) while she’s on vacation came and told me the same thing. Then talked about how pretty much everyone that works there is full of crap and that I can only trust him and Betty.

Many other things happened and I came close so many times to just telling everyone to buzz off. That this job was the simplest job in the world; that I perfectly knew how to clean tables and those plastic cabaret thingies. I also hate having to deal with Cindy. Betty apparently told her to stop telling me how to do my job, and she didn’t speak to me the whole time Betty was there. But as soon as Betty’s shift was over, Cindy came over and started bothering me. Another example, my break is at 3:45p.m. I checked the time and it was 3:40p.m. so I told myself I was going to clean these 4 tables and it should be time for my break after that. I was giving the final stroke on the final table and Cindy was in my back showing me her watch and telling me to go take my break. It’s as if she went out of her way to stop her job and come all the way to the other side of the food court just to tell me right at 3:45p.m. to go take my break. And she said it sternly as if I would get in deep trouble if I didn’t take it right then.

There are so many things frustrating me about that place, but I just have to remind myself that I’m not staying there for the long run and to just keep my head down and ignore what’s going on around me.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Loot Crate, August 2014

Last month was Villains, this month they gave us Heroes!

First in line is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise. There’s the glasses (made by H2W) and the little figurine/toy (made by Kidrobot). As you can see the figurine is Donatello, and seeing as the glasses are the same color, I’m guessing the glasses are Donatello as well. I’m not a big TMNT fan so I’m probably just going to give this loot to my nephew whom adores them.


Next in line is probably the best part of the loot crate even if I’m not a fan of it yet. It is a Pop! Groot bobble head made by Funko & Marvel. It’s an exclusive Loot Crate edition that glows in the dark.


Lastly we got some Digital Codes for different content (Given to us by Loot Crate Labs), a “Chimichanga’s, the breakfast of Anti-Heroes” magnet (again from Loot Crate Labs) a Megaman Air Freshener (Courtesy of Sega and Epic Scents), Some Shoe Lightning Bolts (Made by Schwings) and of course this months collectible pin.


And yet again this month they did some doodles in the box. I think it’s the TMNT hideout?



This month will probably be the last loot crate that I sign up for. The loot has gotten less and less exciting in my opinion. However, I’ll try the Nerd Block see if it’s any better. At least it’s cheaper :P


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Movie 43

movie 43

January 25th 2013


Directed and written by many, this movie is a compilation of different short stories. The idea of Movie 43 had a hard time getting bought; and once it was bought, it took several years to film because they had a hard time finding casts. Once it finally managed to get out, this movie got so much awful reviews. It even won three awards in the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards, one being the Worst Picture.

This movie has two versions. The original version is of a man pitching ideas for movies. The short sketches we see are his pitches. The second version, which is the one I saw, is about three boys trying to find Movie 43 and seeing all the different sketches during their research. I couldn’t find the original version so I don’t know if I missed some sketches, but the version I saw was pretty good. There were sketches that were way too weird, but some were hilarious. For example, one of the sketches includes a young girl having her periods for the first time while at a friend’s house, a friend that is a boy. Her friend and his brother start freaking out because they don’t know what to do. It was pretty funny to watch, especially since her friend thought she was going to die from bleeding out of her vagina.

I personally enjoyed some of the sketches, but I would only recommend this movie to someone with a very developed sense of humor. Someone that laughs at weird stuff.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Back to School Thoughts


Since it’s the season of Back to School, I’ve been thinking of how I felt when I was young around this time. I used to love when we went shopping for school supplies. Getting to choose what I wanted, getting new clothes, new shoes. We always shopped a bit early to avoid the big mob that appears in malls about two weeks before school starts. So I would spend at least three weeks looking at those huge bags of school supplies and asking my mom a thousand times if I could tag it all and put it in my backpack. Of course she only let me to that about a week before school started. I loved checking the list and the stuff I had to make sure I had everything I needed; putting my name on every bit of it, including every single pencil in the box. I think it’s my need to organize side that made me love all of that. I mean, what kind of kid loves going back to school? Haha

I have such beautiful memories of when we went back to school that I find myself eager for that time to come for my baby. Of course there’s the horrible part where this time around, I’ll be the one paying for all that school stuff. But I’m eager to see how my son will react to it all. I’m hoping he’ll love it as much as I did. I hope I’ll still enjoy it, now that I hate being in crowds. Hopefully, we’ll find a time to go shopping for it all when there isn’t much of a crowd.

My baby is only 14 months and I’m already imagining him getting ready for his first day in kindergarten. Crazy how I’m terrified at the idea of him going to daycare (, but I’m eager to see how he’ll react to going to school.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Flower Vase

I got the idea from the link above, but like an idiot I didn’t check the link before making it. So instead of painting the vase with a paint brush, I used spray paint. Since I clearly don’t know how to use spray paint, it didn’t quite turn out perfect like in the link above. oh well! It’s the imperfections that show it’s really made by me hahaha



  • A vase (I forgot to take a picture before taping it and didn’t feel like taping it all over again lol)
  • Paint of your choice.
  • Tape

Step One:


Tape some stripes so it looks the way you want

Step Two:


Paint your vase. I spray painted outside and waited two hours before moving it just in case. The can said it would be dry to the touch after 25 minutes, but moveable after 2 hours.

Step Three:


Take off the tape. Now as you can see, the lines aren’t perfect and there’s some paint where there was supposed to be tape. So I had to try to clean it up. I used alcohol, which worked but took a while.

Final result:


Still not quite how I would have liked it to look, but it’ll have to do. I may buy some beads or something to lift the flowers up a bit. If I do, I’ll be sure to post a picture when it happens. Either way, I’m satisfied with it. If I just place it so we don’t see the back, it’ll be perfect haha


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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New day!

I’ve decided to try to add gaming thursdays to my blog. I’m not sure if youtube will let me post my videos since it’s gaming and you know. Copyrights and all that stuff. But I’m going to try and we’ll see how far I can get :) The first game I’ve decided to play is Kingdom Hearts. I remember playing this game for the first time in my sister’s bedroom with her then boyfriend’s playstation. I loved the game so much and was extremely sad when I couldn’t play anymore. I’ve recently been able to get the game and finally play it and I thought I’d share with you all my playthrough. Because of the possible baby background noises, I’ve decided not to record sound during the videos. You’ll hear the game and thats all. I hope you all enjoy it!

Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Pretty Little Liars: Perfect



Published in August 2007, Perfect is the third book in the Pretty Little Liars series written by Sara Sheppard.

In the third book, Spencer is nominated for a Golden Orchid award for her plagiarized paper. While Spencer struggles with the idea of taking credit for her sister’s paper, Emily’s secret is revealed by A to everyone. With being threatened to either stop being gay or being sent off to Iowa, Emily had no choice but to join the Tree Tops and break up with Maya. On her side, Aria’s secret is also being revealed and she is kicked out of her house by her mom. Sadly for Aria, she has another big secret that can be revealed by A. Lastly; Hanna is still slowly spiralling out of control. The new aspect of her life being ruined? Her friendship with Mona.

This book is almost completely different from the tv series, so I was happily surprised by many parts. Every chapter is following a different girl and Sheppard has a way to either follow them one after the other, or emit one of the girls for a few chapters because the last chapter about her left on a cliff hanger. I’m very eager to read the next book, since this one left on a very big cliff hanger! I recommend this book, obviously!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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The Daycare Struggle


Before having a baby, I didn’t think twice before telling my sister she should put her son in daycare. I told her it would be good for him, and it would give her the chance to work (since she’s a single mom). Now that I have a baby of my own, things aren’t as black and white as they used to be.

Once I gave birth, everyone was asking me when I was going back to work. At first I kept saying probably after a year of maternity leave. But the more the year passed, the more I wasn’t ready to put my baby in daycare. I started thinking that before one year-old it was way too young to put a baby in daycare. A baby needs his mother in his first year of life, I kept telling myself. Now that my baby is a year old, I still feel it’s not the right time. I feel like between one and two years there are too many firsts that you can miss if you put your baby in daycare. Plus, now that he’s used to seeing me 24/7, I’m scared he’ll think I’m abandoning him if I leave him in daycare. Besides, there aren’t any spots available in any daycare; I keep telling myself. I bet if I searched more I would find a spot. But I don’t want to. I’m just not ready to let my baby spend the day with a total stranger.

On this subject, I feel like nobody understands me. My mother didn’t have to make this choice. She was able to be a stay at home mom. My mother-in-law needed to go back to work after 6 months I think, because those were the lengths of the maternity leaves back then and they needed her income; and they lived in a small village so she perfectly knew who was babysitting her kids. My sister spent some time as a stay at home mom, but when her government income wasn’t enough she needed to start working and put her son in daycare. His first daycare was held by our aunt, so it was no stress at all; and when my aunt had to close her daycare, she found a daycare so perfect. If there was one where I live I would immediately enroll my son. I don’t feel like anyone I know had the struggle I’m having, and that’s why it stresses me so much. I feel like they can’t understand the war in my mind about putting my baby in daycare.

Before having a baby, this question wasn’t even something I thought about. I just figured I’d either be a stay at home mom like my mother was; like I wanted to be. Or end up putting my son in daycare around the age of three so he could start socializing. Now that I have a baby, it’s so much more a struggle to take that first step and enroll my son in a daycare.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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The YMS Planner

Recently, I decided I needed to organize my YMS futur blog posts and plan them somewhere I could see it all in one place. I started looking in pinterest for some ideas and I stumbled upon this:

I couldn’t quite do a book like hers, because I’m not that good, but I still used her printables because I thought they were so pretty and well organized. Here’s what I did.



  • Folder with a clip thingie haha
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Letter stickers

Step One


Mod Podge the folder inside and outside with your choice of Scrapbook paper

Step Two


My folder said it had pockets but it didn’t. So I had to make some of my own.

Step Three / Final Result Outside


I thought it would be cute to write the name of my blog on the folder with stickers. You don’t have to do that of course haha

Step Four / Final Result Inside


Place your papers where you want them to be. On the left I have my to do list for the month and stuff I need to read, watch or do. On the right is my calendar for the month where I plan my posts.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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