Stranger Anxiety

You know how babies are supposed to have stranger anxiety at a certain age? Well, my baby is going to be 14 months in two days and he is not scared of strangers at all; and never has been. Depending on his mood, he either just falls silent for a few seconds than demand they take him in their arms, or he just immediately goes to wanting to be taken by them.

Whenever we go to the mall or grocery shopping, we sit him in the cart and when a stranger stops and talks to him, he holds his arms up wanting that stranger to take him. Or even when he’s in our arms and someone we don’t know comes up and starts talking to him, he’ll point the person, signifying he wants them to take him.

It’s not quite a problem. I don’t mind that he’s not scared of strangers. It makes taking him out way more pleasant, but what I do mind, is the fact that those strangers sometimes actually take him in their arms! It hasn’t happened while he’s in the cart, but when he’s in our arms and suddenly wants to go in a stranger’s arms, it happened more than once that that person took him! I never moved away before they could take him because I didn’t want to seem overprotective, but I do NOT enjoy it.

I don’t understand why someone would take a complete stranger’s baby in his arms. You don’t know them; you probably won’t ever see them again, so why take their baby in your arms? It’s the strangest thing in the world, and the one thing that annoys me the most. I don’t want my baby to grow up scared of strangers, but I want him to still be careful; and it would help a lot to teach him to be safe around strangers if they would stop taking him in their arms!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Panty Drawer Organization

I’ve been having some problems with my panty drawer. It’s never organized in my taste and it always ended up being all over the place. So when I saw this: I couldn’t resist making it.



  • A box
  • Scissors
  • Something to cover the box. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it so I took out some paint, some scraps of cloth and scrapbook paper. I ended up using only cloth.
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Tape


Step one


Cut the box so it fits inside your drawer


Step Two


Make compartments depending on what you want to put where


Step Three/Final product


Cover your box with the material you chose. I didn’t bother covering the outside since we won’t be seeing it in the drawer. Obviously I’m not showing you what I put where because that’s too personnal haha.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars is a young-adult novel written by Sara Shepard. The first book of the series came out in October 2006. With a mix of mystery, thriller and romance, Pretty Little Liars has plenty of controversial subjects to tap in. The first book includes lying (of course), infidelity, theft, bullying, sleeping with a teacher and homosexuality.

The book revolves around four young girls that lost their best friend three years ago. During the summer between 7th and 8th grade, their best friend Alison DiLaurentis went missing. With her being the only thing keeping them together, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily quickly grew apart. Aria’s family went to Iceland for two years, while Spencer focused more on her school work and curricular activities. Hanna, who used to be chubby and dorky, had a make-over and is now the most popular girl in school; and Emily just focused on her swimming. Each with new secrets of their own, they start panicking when a mysterious person going under the letter A starts texting and e-mailing them, threatening to tell all their secrets (past and present ones).

I started reading Pretty Little Liars because I was watching the tv series. I heard A wasn’t the same person in the books so I got curious to see who it actually was in the first place. For the first book, the tv series was quite faithfull to it. It’s not a book I recommend to everyone. Not because it’s not good. It’s really good. But unlike many other books I’ve read, this one is really more for a specific taste. If you like reading about the life of grade 11 girls and their dark secrets, this is a book for you. If not, then I suggest you go find another book to read haha


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Back in my hometown



Our first official day in my hometown was the first of July. Since I’m Canadian, this meant celebrating our beautiful country. We started the day with a breakfast in the hotel we stayed at. Then we met up with an old friend of mine to watch the parade. It seemed a bit shorter than I remembered, but it HAS been about 7 years since I’ve seen this parade so my memory may be playing tricks on me. We saw floats of what seemed to be a soccer team, and another one of the cheerleaders. There was also the ATV club showing off their rides. There were also random guys with their sports cars. The creepiest thing I saw was Ronald McDonald. I am not a mascot person. I am terrified of those things haha. My baby was having fun until the fire trucks arrived. He got so scared by the sirens. I was hugging him and trying to cover his ears, but it was not working. My SO took him and showed him the fire trucks and then Baby stopped crying. I guess either he needed to see where the sound was coming from, or the lights calmed him.

During the afternoon, we went to the fair. Before moving, the afternoon activities used to be quite small stuff. We never used to go because it was boring. Now, there are many games to win prizes and rides. We didn’t do any rides because it was really hot outside, and I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to go on rides. We did try out three games. We didn’t win big prizes, but my baby got three cute stuffed things haha. We bought some cotton candy and went on our marry way to eat dinner. After dinner, and after Baby’s nap, we went to see the fireworks. When I used to live there, the fireworks were the best part of the day. So high up in the sky and big and beautiful; and they used to make shapes (like hearts or the Canadian flag if I remember right). I talked about them so much to my SO and was so excited to show him how good my hometown made fireworks. Sadly, they decided to change where they did them. Now they’re super low and not quite as good as they used to be. We had to move closer to the field they were shooting them from, and even then we had a hard time seeing them. But when they were high enough for us to see, they were pretty. Not as good as before I moved, but still way better then what they do where I live now.

Our second day was less eventful. The only thing I really wanted to do was take pictures at my elementary school’s park. We couldn’t stay outside for too long because of the weather. Only 20 minutes outside and my son’s cheeks were red as a tomato! Good thing we were drinking water constantly. After his nearly four hour nap, we went to the mall to eat dinner and shop a little. After that we only went back to the hotel room and that’s when things went downhill. My SO had started to have an upset stomach and, when we got back to the hotel room, he started vomiting. I suggested it might be because of the heat, but when I started vomiting.. and other things.. we knew we had caught the gastroenteritis. We spent the worst night of our lives. Barely able to sleep, needing to go to the bathroom at what felt like 10 minutes intervals and after a while our stomachs would just hurt because there wasn’t anything else to vomit. At 7a.m. I called my in-laws to ask them if they could come pick us up. We weren’t betting much on them accepting because it was a five and a half hour drive (which means 11 hours back and forth). They accepted though and we are forever in their debt. Sadly, after breakfast, my son started vomiting as well. His symptoms seemed less harsh than ours; he only vomited three times in the morning before leaving, and on our way home his stomach was hurting and when I massaged it he started pooping and fell asleep haha. After that he was pretty much back to his happy healthy self.

It was an awful end to a super trip to my hometown. I’m glad we at least got to enjoy our time there and only had to suffer on the last night and on the trip back home.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Children’s Place&Carters Haul

On the first week of July, we went on a mini vacation to my hometown and there I couldn’t help myself but buy a few items for my son. Sometimes I just can’t resist the cuteness!

Let’s start with Children’s Place since I didn’t buy much there.

I simply couldn’t resist those two shirts. I’m in love with the minions and I feel like monkeys are my son’s theme :)


Since we didn’t find much at Children’s Place (and my baby still needed some pajamas and shorts) we decided to go to Carters

I just adored the colors on this outfit. And I couldn’t resist those cute shorts!



Of course, I couldn’t not buy this ensemble with a cute monkey on it! Sadly, the lady didn’t give me the right size (and I didn’t think to check). Instead of a 18m it’s a 12m :S He won’t be able to wear it for long :(



Lastly I found a pajama that was perfect. It’s a three piece with the t-shirt, a pair of shorts and long pants. I was looking for ensembles like that because I think he’s going to stay in 18m for a while so I was looking for pajamas that would do in summer and in autumn.


There we go! My little shopping spree in my hometown :) I’ll be posting our little adventure there on Monday.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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The Outsiders, Movie Review

the outsiders

The Outsiders came out in movie form in 1983. I have to keep that in mind when I’m watching it because of how badly it’s made. The only thing I enjoyed out of the movie is the fact that Patrick Swayze played Darry. They cut a whole chapter in the beginning and two chapters at the end. I know they can’t fit everything in, but by cutting those chapters completely they left out a big part of the story.

Another thing I did not enjoy is how the actors didn’t fit the description of the characters at all. Some of them were supposed to have blond hair and they all had dark hair. I could’ve ignored that fact if only the actors were actually any good. Every time one of them spoke, it just felt so wrong. As if they weren’t in the right vibe. Sometimes they would say something and sound so dramatic, but it didn’t feel that dramatic in the book. Or when Two-Bit was talking to Ponyboy about the rumble; in the movie he’s all serious, but Two-Bit is never serious in the book (that’s why they call him Two-Bit). They also added some scenes that aren’t in the book. If you’re going to cut part of the story from the book, don’t add some scenes of your own.

Overall, I’m very disappointed by the movie. Like I said, I have to keep in mind that it was made in 1983 so I can’t ask much of them. I still think they could’ve done a better job. One thing is for sure, you definitely can’t just watch the movie. You HAVE to read the book to get the whole feeling of the story. With only the movie, you’ll just be left with a weird feeling like you just watched some scraps of different movies put together.

Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Book Review

The White Line Complication

Linea alba


Today I wanted to talk about what happened to me during or after giving birth. I think I mentioned it a little bit in a previous post, but I felt like I needed to go in details for future moms.

Doctors warn you about many things. Don’t gain too much weight, don’t stress, don’t lift heavy objects, etc. But they don’t always go into details about exactly what could happen if you do something wrong. I apparently did something wrong, and paid for it with something I didn’t even know could happen. Apparently, I did a wrong movement with my abdomen while giving birth or in the first month after giving birth, and the white line of the abdomen ruptured. I’m not sure when it happened because the doctor said I should’ve felt a sharp pain but I don’t remember feeling anything, so the best conclusion is it happened while I was giving birth since there was all sorts of pain everywhere during that time.

Now, the white line of the abdomen (clinically called the linea alba) is a line of fibrous structure that runs down the middle of the abdomen. Its purpose is to keep the left and right side of the abdomen muscles connected. (for more details go here:

In my case, if the white line ruptured while giving birth it’s because I put too much pressure on my already stretched abdomen while pushing and it couldn’t hold it together anymore. If it gave up after birth, it was because I tried forcing with the abdomen when it was still too stretched from having a baby pushing it outwards. Either way, I no longer have this fibrous structure holding the two halves of my abdomen muscles together.

It doesn’t mean anything alarming, as long as I’m careful. My doctor didn’t tell me exactly what it meant (I didn’t really ask either since I had no idea what he was talking about) and so I spent about 6-7 months not knowing what my condition actually was, and in those months I did everything that made my condition worse. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to force my abdomen, and since I didn’t know that and wanted to lose weight, I was doing push-ups and sit-ups like crazy. I started feeling some abdominal pain at random moments during the day and when I finally talked about it to my doctor he said it might be connected to my white line being ruptured. He suggested I go see a physiotherapist. It wasn’t until the end of February that I finally had the courage to get an appointment.

During the second visit, the physiotherapist gave me a sheet with some exercises I could do that would help my abdominal pains. On the third visit, she asked the post-pregnancy professional to come check me to see if what she had told me was right. The woman put her fingers where the white line is supposed to be and asked me to lift my head up. Three of her fingers could fit between my abdomens. I was appalled. No wonder my belly looked like a wrinkled butt! The two halves of my abdomen where THREE FINGERS APPART! There were three fingers of nothingness in my belly! The woman showed another exercise I could do to help bring the two halves back together. She explained that, with those exercises, the right and left side of my abdomen could come close together again, but they would never stick back together. I will eternally have to be careful not to force with the abdomen and always do my exercises.

What does it mean if I get pregnant again? It means that I’ll have to be extra super careful and to keep doing the exercises daily. If I get pregnant again, no matter how careful I am, there is a pretty good chance that the two sides of my abdomen will get separated again, but they won’t separate as much as they were. Doing the exercises daily and being careful not to put pressure on my abdomen will keep me from going back to square one.

In my case, it’s not that bad, but there may be worse cases out there. I read that it is possible to need surgery from this, if your condition is beyond saving without one. They will only do a surgery if all other options have failed though, so don’t go thinking you can save yourself some trouble by just asking for surgery.

Knowing that if I hadn’t talked about my abdominal pain with my doctor it could’ve let to me needing surgery because I didn’t know about my condition, I think doctors should talk about this with pregnant women. They have a right to know everything that could go wrong during or after pregnancy, and this is one of them.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Four Canvas Nursery Wall Art, part 4

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3


Here’s the final canvas in my wall art project. Turned out pretty simple, even though I struggled to figure out how to do it.




  • A canvas
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Sticker letters (I bought two of each to make sure I would have all the letters and numbers I’d need)

Step One



As usual, Mod Podge your scrapbook paper on the canvas

Step Two / Final Product



Write the information you want with the stickers.

I’ll come back another week with a picture of the four canvases on the wall. I didn’t have time to hang them up yet!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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The Outsiders, Book Review

The outsiders

The Outsiders, written by S.E. Hinton when he was 16 and published when he was 18 in 1967, is a coming-of-age novel that was quite controversial when it first came out. The book is still banned from certain schools because of its portrayal of gang violence, underage smoking, use of strong language and family dysfunction. But this book is mostly part of the curriculum for middle and high schools. I first read this book when I was in 9th grade in my English class; but when I remembered about it one day, I decided I needed to buy it.

The Outsiders, as the title suggests, follows a group of teenagers living in a poor neighborhood and thus being outsiders. They are called Greasers. We follow the thoughts of a 14 year old boy named Ponyboy. He has two big brothers, Sodapop, 16 going-on-17, and Darry, 20. Their gang is made up of other boys between the ages of 16 and 20. There’s Two-Bit, Steve, Johnny and Dallas. On the other side of town there’s the Socs, short for Socials. They’re the rich kids. Greasers and Socs never get along. The Socs often jump the Greasers and beat them up. Johnny was badly beaten up by a gang of five Socs one day, and when those same Socs tried to beat up him and Ponyboy, they had a bad surprise. The story continues following Ponyboy as he comes across many obstacles.

I simply adore this book. It is easily the best novel I’ve ever read so far. It’s such a powerful story and so well written. It’s not well written in the sense that it’s all fancy, but it’s written really as if we were in the thoughts of a 14 year old Greaser boy. Full of slang words like “rumble” and he even describes the difference between “tough” and “tuff”. Even though towns aren’t separated like that anymore (Greasers vs. Socs) the book is still capable of teaching us not to judge someone by how he looks or by where he lives. For example, even though Ponyboy is from the poor side of town, he still goes to a good school and is one of the best students there. I, without a doubt, recommend this book to everyone.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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Movie Review


The First Birthday Party


My baby’s first birthday was good. The only thing I wish would’ve gone better is my time planning. My family started arriving and I hadn’t even started setting the table with refreshments and snacks. I also hadn’t made Xavier’s cake yet, and the sandwiches for dinner.

The day started out as planned. I got up around 8:30-9am and started cleaning what hadn’t been cleaned already. Then I started making the cake. While I was mixing the ingredients, my sister called to tell me my mom and co. were already on their way and she would be on her way soon as well. That’s when everything started going bad because I was stressing too much.

I perfectly know the cake mix I bought is for two 9” cakes, and yet I put the whole mix in one 9” cake. Result? It wouldn’t cook in the middle, so I had to go buy another mix, in addition to the cake I got made by the pastry chef at the grocery store and many other things. I also had to pick up lunch since we realized we had forgotten to buy us something while focusing on buying supplies for the party. All of this delayed my schedule.

When the guests arrived, I still needed to clean a bit of the living room (which is where the party was at), finish the banner of pictures of Xavier through the year, set the table with the refreshments and the snacks, and make the sandwiches for dinner. Good thing the guests were my family, so they were completely fine with just hanging out in the living room, talking among each other, while me and my SO finished doing everything.
Once everything was done, I finally got to sit down and enjoy the party. Around 4:30pm Xavier opened up his gifts. He got some toys and clothes, and he loved every bits of it. He would play a bit with every object. One time, my SO had to take the toy out of his hands so he could open another present, and Xavier leaned on the side to grab back the toy. It was funny. And then when it was clothes he’d get, he would take it in his hands and check it for a second, then stretch his arm to grab the other present. Everyone found it hilarious. After opening the gifts, we sat down to eat dinner.

Finally, after eating many sandwiches, we brought the cake in and sang Happy Birthday to my little boy. He was looking at everyone with a big smile on his face as if he knew what was going on. It was too cute. When we gave him his cake to eat, he didn’t quite dig in as I had hoped, but he still got messy with frosting. He pretty much only wanted the frosting. He’d grab some frosting with the tip of his fingers and make sure he didn’t grab some cake with it. After that we just cleaned up, gave a bath to Xavier and kept talking for a while.

The next day, it was a little celebration with the in-laws since they couldn’t make it to the party. We gave another piece of the cake to Xavier and this time he dug in. He grabbed a huge handful of the piece of cake and brought it to his mouth. He chewed on it like that until he had it all in his mouth. It was hilarious.

Until Next Time!

Young Mom <3

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